The last day of Truth Centered Transformation training for our sponsored families and the leadership of the Paulette and Tru de Nord churches is in the books.  The topics of the day were the churches role in making known the wisdom of God and performing acts of love in the community.   Eli and Jenny have been amazing translators.  But even with them, the cultural and language barrier made getting our message across difficult.

We had some amazing help from three Haitian teenagers who anticipated the needs of the kid’s class and helped us engage over 70 children today. When our plans went south in the morning and left us without a translator we saw God’s plan come to life with his provision. The teens had the opportunity to step up and show their leadership abilities and lead the children in worship and games until we had someone to translate the lesson.  We all know God is doing great things with these three teenagers.

The day ended with an act of love from our team to the church community.  A movie and popcorn.  The kids and adults both enjoyed laughing at the antics of Mr. Bean.

It is our hope and prayer that the hearts of the people we met these last few days are transformed and that they were blessed so that they can be a blessing.

Love, The Bless Go Bless Mission Team

By Tyler, Raquel and Allie