Day two was smooth thanks to yesterday’s hard work during setup! We were done by 6:30 (although the bus didn’t come until 7:30! Eek!) We saw another 92 patients even with one less provider, so our 4 providers were busy!

Post by Cait:

I am working in the procedure room this week, which basically means I get to do all the really fun (pretty dirty jobs). Normally, patients will come see me to get fitted for glasses, get earwax cleaned out of their ears, or today wound care on a very chronic diabetic ulcer. Even though it is not the most glamorous job, there is nothing sweeter than seeing the eyes of a kid light up after a 15-minute ear-wax removal treatment and they can finally hear or seeing big smiles on the faces of patients when they FINALLY can read again with a pair of glasses. Their joy is contagious, and they are all so thankful for Healing Nations and the medical outreach team.

And since some of these procedures take a while, I get to talk to them- fumbling through my little knowledge of the Spanish language – learning about them. Today, I got to take care of a man who recently changed careers (after the pandemic) because he got laid off of his job as a mechanic, and now works as a security guard. We talked about his church, and his favorite Bible verse- John 3:16, which he tried to teach me in Spanish.

I also got to get to know a very sweet lady, who has had a chronic ulcer on her foot, which has left her without the ability to walk. Together, her and her husband travel between her 6 children all around Guatemala. She loves getting to go to all their churches and worship with her kids. She smiled from ear to ear the whole time!

I just love being able to share the love of Christ with the people here – they are just fully of joy and have been such a blessing to me. I can’t wait to see what the LORD has in store for the rest of the week!

Post from Amanda:

I thought coming back on the mission field after finishing the World Race in November would be difficult; however, one thing the Lord reminded me of in these past two days of medical outreach is how relational the Guatemalan people are. There is something about Guatemala that reaches a part of you that I don’t think ever really goes away. Sure, the breathtaking landscape or the forty-eight volcanoes may catch your eye for a second, but really, what steals a piece of you is the people.

I have had the absolute pleasure to sit with these amazing people and play a role in their care this week. To hear their stories, laugh with them, fail at Spanish in front of them, and just be the salt and light Jesus asked us to be has filled my cup. The Lord states that when we pour out, we ourselves will be filled, and I can truly say this has been happening to me while serving. I am so grateful for the gift of this week, and the yes of each of my team members. Believe me, I think we will walk out of this thing more filled than we think!

Thank you, Jesus, for caring so deeply for all your children. May we continue to walk humbly in Your strength as we continue to serve Your people the rest of our time here. Let it all be done in Your name and for Your name. Amen.