We enjoyed a day of rest worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Iglesia Galilea and then visiting Hobbitenango near Antigua!

From Vicki: “I’ve come here so many times and the reason I do is because I love the Guatemalan people. This group is smaller, but it seems more connected. I’m really enjoying being with these teammates. With the pandemic and not being able to come, even with all the precautions we’ve had to take, it’s been really special to be able to come back. The people really enjoy it and we appreciate it. It’s been crazy because a lot of emergencies have happened… a lot of it feels new… we’ve implemented a new electronic medical record system, and my job has changed, but I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity. Every time we come here, I feel like I get filled up to go home and live my regular life! I think that goes both ways, I think our presence here means a lot to the people and having us here is as good for them as us coming here is good for us. It’s been such a special trip!” 

From Andre: “I was excited to come since it has been 2 years, but between necessary changes/restrictions given COVID-19, a new EMR, and long days (leave at 7:30am, back by 8:15pm) it has been… challenging.  One of the highlights of this trip is the connections and relationships that have developed over the years.  This year we haven’t seen as many students, teachers, support staff or locals due to school taking place at home.  There are many new delightful patients from the nearby community of Santo Thomas to fill that void.  Usually, this trip is a hug fest, but now can I pat you on the shoulder?  Do we shake hands?  How about a simple fist bump?  It is also hard to recognize people from years ago when we are all hiding behind masks.  When I was performing an Ultrasound on a patient for abdominal pain, Dana asked if we were looking for a pregnancy.  It was hard to tell the patient was 62 years old!  The patient was flattered, but informed us the only way she was pregnant was by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Needless to say, I believe the Holy Spirit has been working, but in different ways.  Sometimes it is patience, patients (sorry stupid joke, but I find it hilarious), and hard work.  Despite this, we will be back – this country is so beautiful and the people so wonderful.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.”