Good Sabbath evening, my heart is very full today and tears are flowing freely as we had a wonderful day of service to the beautiful Guatemalan people. Yesterday was my niece Kristen’s funeral.
She fought retinal blastoma for 48 years. She dedicated her life to service and sharing the light of the Lord through sharing her trials through books she has written and lecturing around the country and teaching how we can find holy places where ever we are no matter our circumstances. I was heart broken that I would not be able to attend the funeral due to this Guatemala trip, her husband James told me to go ahead and come as that is what Kris would have wanted me to do. Christ said “IF ye do this to the least of my brethren ye have
done it unto me” So here I am. Our sermon today was on service and getting out of ourselves to
serve others. We do not need to write books or lecture around the country or go to Guatemala to serve. Service can begin at home with our families, neighbors and coworkers. It is a privilege to be part of this great team of extraordinary people who are a superb example of how to give selflessly, with no complaints despite GI distress, aching backs and lack of sleep. It is a joy to be part of this great work.Thank you for including me. LORRIE

Now on a lighter note, this trip has been amazing and FUN! We call our room the “Old ladies room” where we stay up late at night talking about our “aging ailments”. We have even had a slumber party with pictures to prove it. The men next door wonder what we are up to. It has helped to have the down time to have some relief from the suffering we see in the community of Membriall where we are serving. I’m grateful that God granted me the opportunity serve and bring smiles to the beautiful children that we see in clinic each day.                  Love and peace, Linda

This is my third mission trip to Guatemala serving the Iglesia Galilea and Membriall. When arriving I found I had many friends from the churches, school previous patients, interpreters, chefs(the best) and team members. This helped me with caring for the patients and knowing what resources are and not available.  The dedication of all the above is inspiring and brings joy and hope to me. This is Gods way of saying he is in control. I would recommend others to return to this mission. Each trip for me as been more fulfilling and life changing. Our team is working well together. Shannon and Jenni are rock stars!!!! Here’s to being an ambassador of Christ in Guatemala and home in the states.
Arleen (Member of the old ladies room but not quite one yet)