Post by Jessica…

Honduras is day two in a nutshell!

Breakfast, delicious local Honduras coffee, fresh fruit and pancakes.

Visit to the dump, playing with kids, singing in a circle on the top of the mountain with worship songs led by girl named Katie.

VBS with Adam and Erin, call to accept Jesus,

Betsy and Jessica Crate were able to pray with another woman named Jessica to ask Jesus in her heart, pass out tootsie pops to kids, hugs and pictures.

Lunch at the Tegucigalpa mall at Local “upscale” restaurant called “Coco Baleadas”, reunion with Jackie who finally made it, several families and friends from Jericho ministries join our team. Party platters with traditional baleadas tacos! Delicioso!

Beautiful sunset team picture

Dinner spaghetti and beet salad served with a local hibiscus 🥤 juice

Followed by a message on PRAISE and worship songs with all the kids.
You can feel the love in the room!