This post by Rachel

Today was a day of vision, to see Pastor Mario and Pastora’s passion for what comes next laid out before us. Although many details have not been worked out, the vision for the people and next generation gives goose bumps to my soul. Giving Pastor Mario hope for what’s to come was liberating to be a part of.

As a group we went to the trading school that we hope to one day be able to send 12-17 year old’s, give or take a few years. This school would allow them to get a job after a one to two-year program depending on what field of study they choose. The school offers many classes such as: English, Mechanics, Cooking, Electrical and hair styling. Once the people have finished the program 90% find a job that pays enough to support a family and live “comfortably”.

There were other visions that were talked about such as property and campuses, many with which have a long process ahead of them. We don’t know exactly what’s in store but we will take the Honduran way of trusting what the day brings.

Love you all, Dios te bendiga.