!9 hours after waking up this morning we are back in Salt Lake City. After spending a fantastic week at UCI the team has said goodbye to new friends and all of Daniel’s new pets. We successfully made the sensory filled 3 hour trip to the airport. Along the way we were grateful for God’s direction and protection as we saw the remnants of roadblocks that were up only a day ago.
Thank you for praying for us this past week, we were safe the entire time and only had small bouts of illness hit a few members of the team. We were blessed with great interactions with the Haitians in the community of Caiman, where UCI is located. Everyone had great attitudes and exercised great flexibility with daily schedules that changed regularly. The team represented Lifeline and more importantly Christ very well. Please pray for the team to readjust to life at home, well, as “re-entry culture shock” is often more difficult than the shock of visiting a third-world county (some of us are already missing Haitian food). You can also keep Kristie in your payers as she begins to recover from malaria.
Please touch base with the team in the coming week, we would be happy to share about our experiences, what we learned about Haiti and what we learned about ourselves. For all of us Haiti has become embedded in our hearts or burrowed it’s way in a little further.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!