Day 8 of Dougie Road Trip. Today we made snowmen and snow angels in the rocks. As the trip comes to an end, everyone with their high and mighty iPhones have been airdropping fond memories to each other.
Not much happened in the A.M. hours of the day, so I’ll spare you a drawn out description of everyone talking while Daniel went out looking for spiders again.
I couldn’t remember what we had for lunch, so Madi kindly reminded me we had rice and beans. Eric corrected her and said “beans and rice. And it was delicious.” Either way, we’re all getting morbidly obese off of the relentlessly God-worthy food.
After lunch, we went to the schools and taught English to the 5th and 6th graders. We were told these grades would be more interactive, as they knew more phrases and conversation pieces. However, most of our interactions with the kids were the same as always – lots of giggling and talking about the ignorant white people in their own language.
We got back from the school around 1:40. Eric told us it would be about 20 minutes until we headed out to a feeding program. About 30 minutes later, we hit the road in 20 minutes. We hopped in the back of an old pickup and found some deep muddy puddles to blaze through (biggest Jeepertunity if I ever saw one. Boy howdy.) Eric stood in the truck, proving his dominance, and did so quite successfully (through being whipped in the head by numerous branches).
When we first got to the feeding program, we stumbled through a few children’s songs that we didn’t all know the words to. No worries though. It’s always good to have another humbling experience to bruise our self esteem in front of rows of laughing, mocking children. And you don’t even have the comfort of knowing how horribly they’re mocking you, because you don’t speak their language. (No, on a real note, it was fun and we all had a good time). After the children ate, we read them a story and all played together. Natalie even tried hopping in the jump rope game.
After we got back from the feeding program, we went and moved rocks. Andy had been working on the rocks all day. Andy and Austin went back and forth getting rocks so that we could rake and fill in the blank spaces. Shortly after being there for like an hour we came back and had dinner. It was a pretty simple day for the Dougie Road trip. Tomorrow we head to the airport , bright and early. As of today the roadblocks are all gone so we should not have trouble making our flight. See you all soon!

Much love, appreciation, and respect
-The Haiti Dougies (Madi & Erin)