We started our Sunday with an amazing church service! What an experience! The passion in the children worshipping was awe inspiring! The church service is like no other. The way they worship and how the Holy Spirit fills the room is indescribable! We all left with with our cups filled and ready to serve!

God has also blessed us with the opportunity to fellowship with two other teams from Iowa and one thing is for sure….we’re eating GOOD! One of the Iowa teams brought frozen burgers and we had an amazing BBQ in the afternoon and then we had another amazing Haitian BBQ at night. We’re definitely not coming home hungry!

The kids on this trip never cease to amaze us! The prominent religion here is Voodoo and it’s definitely not something our kids are accustomed to. Pastor Jean Jean with his sweet soul sat the kids down to answer all their questions. It’s interesting to watch our kids process such a complex religion with such thoughtful questions. In fact, Pastor Jean Jean used their questions during his bible study Sunday night!

We spent the afternoon walking around the community. We visited with a woman that the team prayed with last year. We can’t express to you what it meant to see this woman who some of us thought would die. She was thriving and healthy! We prayed with her again giving God all the praise and glory! It was a beautiful glorious sight!

Although we’re enjoying the time being unplugged, some of us couldn’t resist the Vikings playoff game! Go Vikes! Even in Haiti we can find other people to fellowship with during football. We hunkered around a single cell phone on FaceTime to see the win!

Everyone is doing great, the kids are adjusting well, and we’re ready for a beautiful week doing God’s work!

By Michelle, the 40 year old one:)